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I Can Statements

Below you will find I CAN Statements for grade levels TK-8. These consist of simple statements that make learning targets clear to students, addressing all of the standards that a student would be learning in a traditional public school.

I CAN statements are simple sentences based off the power standards or learning objectives for the grade level, written in student-friendly language. The best thing about I CAN statements is that if they are used consistently and accurately, they can help students become more responsible for their learning and more reflective of their own work.

Learning is co‐planned with students, parents, and teachers. Learning plans are informed by what the student has and has not mastered coupled with the individual learning styles and interests of each student. Together, parents and teachers are encouraged to use these guides to match up objectives that have been met by the student’s coursework.

Feel free to print them off and use them to help guide your teaching!